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About The Author Andre Notice

As the eldest of three boys in a single-parent household, Andre was forced to grow up fast. He obtained his real estate license at the age of 20, but life hit hard after he decided to go full-time. After spending three years homeless, including sleeping in his car, Andre made the choice to not be denied success. His resilience would pay off as he doubled his business year after year. He then went on to become a speaker, a life coach and a mentor. This poet's care, compassion, community efforts and social media influence has led to many speaking engagements, TV, media appearances as well as 8 local awards. Throughout every stage of his career and life, Andre kept one thing constant, encouragement. No matter what was going on in his life, no matter what turmoil or success, he always found a way to encourage, edify and inspire others. Realizing that he was utilizing his gifts and walking in his purpose, he saw that most people weren’t and was passionate about providing a solution. After reflecting on how he obtained his own success, Andre recognized that there were patterns to be followed, questions to be asked and knowledge to be obtained that would help others find out why they were placed on this Earth. Much of his study and past experiences has been organized and documented for the benefit of others in this masterpiece of answers. Have you ever wondered how your life could change when you start walking in your purpose? Turn the pages, unlock your potential and wonder no more.
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